Middletown & New Jersey Railway Historical Society

Dedicated to Preserving the Heritage of the Middletown Unionville & Water Gap, Middletown & Unionville, Middletown & New Jersey and Other Area Railways



The MIDDLETOWN and NEW JERSEY RAILWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY is dedicated to preserving the artifacts, historical records and experiences of the railroad’s employees, customers and their employees, passengers and all whose lives were affected by the M&NJ and its predecessors. The M.&N.J.R.H. S. recognizes that without people in the communities, businesses and farms there would be no railroad at all. We have meetings on the second Saturday of May and October at the Maybrook Railroad Museum, 111 Schipps Ln, Maybrook, NY and feature Society business and entertainment. Our Society has started an Archive and preserved the 1916 right of way maps of the MIDDLETOWN and UNIONVILLE RAILROAD. We have a sales table at various railroad shows and participate in the local events. Membership benefits include special prices on maps, books, etc.. All of our members receive our quarterly newsletter The Unionville Flyer. This newsletter contains current and historical articles, including copies of railroad documents, covering the M&NJ, M&U , M&UWG, and connecting carriers including the Middletown & Crawford, New Jersey Midland, New York, Susquehanna & Western, New York & Oswego Midland, New York, Ontario & Western, Erie / Erie Lackawanna, and Conrail in so far as their relationship with the M&NJ and its predecessors.

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