Today On The M&NJ

Construction on the Heritage Trail extension is active by Monhagen Brook along McVeigh Rd. A concrete lined tunnel will be constructed under Dolsontown Rd. A massive rebuild of the bridge over the Wallkill at New Hampton is in progress. The Toys for Tots train operated on November 30th.

Today on the M&NJ with Peter Brill

In mid-June, we received word that M&NJ 2175 had been spotted on a train in Ohio. This appeared to be a GP38-2 rebuild. It reached Selkirk as of June 17th and then, for reasons unknown, embarked on a tour over CSX and got at least as far west as Crestline, OH before getting interchanged to NS which apparently brought the unit back east. Over three weeks after getting as close as Selkirk, on July 10th, M&NJ 2175 finally was reported at Campbell Hall. Meanwhile, another new unit was reported to be on the way. By August 3rd, 2174 was at Campbell Hall. The M&NJ may be shedding its two U-Boats and standardizing on EMD power.